Friday, March 19, 2010

Shirts were EVERYWHERE! Local Newspaper Story!

Yesterday was S.O.S. Thursday and shirts were everwhere! I saw more shirts being worn yesterday than any other day (except the MARCH!!) It was so nice to have that bond with people that I didn't even know.

Did you read the paper this morning? The Vacaville Reporter ran a story about our SOS Fundraising Campaign!! They even mentioned Callison's Rummage Sale on April 17 & 18, the baked goods kitchen offer made by Teresa Stout, the director of Child Nutrition, the commercials that Buckingham Charter High School is finishing up and all of the other Social Media avenues we have taken.

People are starting to take notice, now we just need to help remind people that we NEED donations! EVERY dollar counts and PLEASE don't wait until we lose the programs we love before you decide to donate.

If you aren't sure that you will make a difference - PLEASE read the previous post CAN YOUR $10 MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

S.O.S. Committee Members

Since I missed the last couple of days, I thought I would make up some ground this morning :)

Someone asked the question "who are the SOS Committee Members?" and "which schools are represented as being part of the SOS?" Well, here is your answer. EVERY school has representation and here are the main contact people for each school:

Sally Bernard - Markham
Ivy Green - Padan
Angela Higdon - Orchard
Baabz Scott - Cooper
Bobbie Ryder - Jepson
Brigitte Aton - Vaca Pena
Christa Poe - Hemlock
Dawn French - Markham Spice
Janice Smith - Fairmont
Julie O'Dell - Alamo
Patti Gauci - Sierra Vista
Lee Majors - Browns Valley
Perla Rosenberg - Buckingham Charter School
Rebecca Duvall - Callison
Chris Strong - Will C Wood
Marcy Gregg - Vaca High

Along with the parents listed above, we also have had the following people attend/attending our meetings:

Alex Hall
P.J. Goodson
Dave McCallum
Whit Witman
Mary Kay Sogge
John Aycock
Mariko Yamada - Assemblymember, 8th District
Senator Lois Wolk (representative)

As you can see, this committee is made up of a WIDE RANGE of people. We are the only school district finding a solution to this mess. BUT, based on what others are seeing....they are trying to figure out how to get something started in their own districts. WE ARE LEADING THE WAY!!

Today is S.O.S. Thursday!!

Well, I suppose I should start this post out by giving everyone an apology! This week has gotten away from me and I haven't posted anything since MONDAY. Sorry!


S.O.S. Thursday!!! If you have an SOS shirt please remember to wear it. Thursday is a day that we try to spread the word about our SOS Fundraising Campaign. I would like to challenge EVERYONE to share something about the SOS with 10 people. They can be 10 friends, strangers, family or, well, ANYONE! If EVERYONE that reads this post shared the info with 10 people, the results could be AMAZING.

I had an interesting conversation on Tuesday, about the budget crisis here in Vacaville, and believe it or not, this person DID NOT EVEN KNOW that there was a problem. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? So, share....share all of the information with those around you. We can not solve the problem, if people are not aware that there is one.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Find out about the BUDGET CRISIS TONIGHT!!

To anyone interested, tonight Cooper Elementary School Principal and PTO, are hosting a Parent Forum for the ongoing Budget Crisis. This is a meeting designed to share the current Budget information and answer questions. If you aren't sure what the budget crisis is, or if you are not sure how bad it is come on out.

As well as going over the budget crisis, they will be sharing information about the Support Our Students Committee. This is a perfect time for everyone to ask their questions and get involved.


The meeting will be at the following:

Cooper Elementary School
750 Christine Drive
Vacaville, CA 95687-4163

MP Room

Contact Barbara Scott for more information

THANK YOU Cooper Elementary School for your support! I hope that every parent will come out tonight and find out how serious this problem really is!