Friday, May 14, 2010

Social Media Blitz for the S.O.S. on May 18th

VUSD High School Students Plan a Social Media Blitz for the S.O.S. on May 18th

It’s all about the kids! The student leaders at Vacaville High School are asking everyone to pick an event (from the attached flyer) that they would like to attend and have them invite as many of their friends as they can via their choice of social media.....texting, fb, twitter, myspace, a phone call or even an actual written note. If they want to join our Facebook vusd sos fan page they will be able to share the message with a click. It's that easy!

VHS Principal, Ed Santapadre, responded with the following;

“I met with our Student Council group today and they were pretty excited about it. I think they’ll take the events and facebook them everywhere. I gave them compliments that we were too old to get it out there correctly.”

Like it or Not, social media is here to stay and as frustrating as it may be for teachers and administrators, its how we decide to respond that could make a difference on how the technology is used by students in the future. “Teaching By Example” is the tagline and is a core value for the VUSD. Cell phones are not allowed during class time, however students are allowed access during breaks and will do so on one day next week, please call Vaca High School (707)453-6011 or PJ Goodson 707-451-6422 x303 or go to for more information.

About S.O.S. (Support Or Students); a grassroots campaign developed and designed to bring awareness to the extreme crisis the Vacaville School District budget is in. Consisting of all of the schools PTA’s, PTO’s, PTC’s, school administrators, VPEF, community leaders, parents, residents of Vacaville, and the marketing expertise and support of Vacaville’s Landmark Image, S.O.S. has become one of the City’s leading awareness/fundraising campaigns. To see different ways to donate to S.O.S. visit the districts website at

Thursday, May 13, 2010

UPDATED May Events!!!! 18 Days Left....

BUSY Week Next Week!! There are SO many great ways to help Support Our Students next week. Check out ALL of the events we have planned for you....

YOU can make a difference!!

ONE Person Can Make a Difference...

By Dove of Oneness. Excerpt from her Dove Report of January 17, 2004.

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,


As inspiration for all of us to realize that EACH of us can do things to help improve our world, I’m sharing stories that prove ONE PERSON can make important differences. I’ve read that the current history books given to students have purposely been revised to talk about “movements” but leave out the names of the individual people whose actions began the “movements”. For example, Gandhi made peaceful protest and peaceful civil disobedience a valuable process of peaceful change. Susan B. Anthony rose to the challenge as a famous leader of the battle to obtain women’s right to vote in the U.S. The Illuminati owners of text book publishers do not want students to realize that important improvements can begin with ONE PERSON; this is why the text books have been rewritten to discuss movements and not individuals.


Each of us has within us the ability to make an important difference! If you doubt you can do it, just read the story HERE and remember that one librarian led the charge to defeat a powerful and wrong-thinking media conglomerate.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

Monday, May 10, 2010


Sat. May 15 – Cultural Diversity Fair at Cultural Center.
Contact: PJ Goodson 451-6422 x303 Deb McGuire

Mon. May 17
– Mary Pizza Shack - Dinner 5:30 til closing. Put on by Vacaville City Employees Association
Contact: David Jacobson 449-5183

Tues. May 18 – SOS Rally at Andrews Park, 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Contact: John Aycock 453-6100 Alex Hall 483-6407

Tues. May 18 – Kickoff Nugget Matching Donation
Contact: Lee Majors 455-1534

Wed. May 19 – Murillos Dine-out
Contact: Angela Higdon 333-3341

Thur. May 20 – Moose Lodge Dinner @ 5pm Social Hour, Dinner at 6pm
Contact: Alex Hall 483-6407

May 21st - Jamba Juice donates 10% of Proceeds from both VV locations
Contact: Brigitte Aton 631-3350

Sat. May 29 – Fiesta Days Parade
Contact: Angela Higdon 333-3341

OnGoing Events:….Must mention SOS campaign

AAA – Call or visit to get a quote donates $5.00 each, any agent 451-7127
Genentech – Employee Giving Station for Employees - Matching Funds
Avon - Tracy Speers is Donating 80% of profit
Vista Group – Connie Rose – Stab in Grab BBQ tool - (707)448-0173
Emma Close to Home Magazine – 707-447-6677- 50% donation for each subscription
Backyard BBQ – Teddy Rojas 707-685-7403 – 10% of proceeds on May 24th for Fiesta Day Kickoff & any event held before May 31st. Must mention SOS.