Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today is S.O.S. Thursday!!

Well, I suppose I should start this post out by giving everyone an apology! This week has gotten away from me and I haven't posted anything since MONDAY. Sorry!


S.O.S. Thursday!!! If you have an SOS shirt please remember to wear it. Thursday is a day that we try to spread the word about our SOS Fundraising Campaign. I would like to challenge EVERYONE to share something about the SOS with 10 people. They can be 10 friends, strangers, family or, well, ANYONE! If EVERYONE that reads this post shared the info with 10 people, the results could be AMAZING.

I had an interesting conversation on Tuesday, about the budget crisis here in Vacaville, and believe it or not, this person DID NOT EVEN KNOW that there was a problem. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? So, share....share all of the information with those around you. We can not solve the problem, if people are not aware that there is one.


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