Friday, March 19, 2010

Shirts were EVERYWHERE! Local Newspaper Story!

Yesterday was S.O.S. Thursday and shirts were everwhere! I saw more shirts being worn yesterday than any other day (except the MARCH!!) It was so nice to have that bond with people that I didn't even know.

Did you read the paper this morning? The Vacaville Reporter ran a story about our SOS Fundraising Campaign!! They even mentioned Callison's Rummage Sale on April 17 & 18, the baked goods kitchen offer made by Teresa Stout, the director of Child Nutrition, the commercials that Buckingham Charter High School is finishing up and all of the other Social Media avenues we have taken.

People are starting to take notice, now we just need to help remind people that we NEED donations! EVERY dollar counts and PLEASE don't wait until we lose the programs we love before you decide to donate.

If you aren't sure that you will make a difference - PLEASE read the previous post CAN YOUR $10 MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



  1. Love what you are doing for our schools and kids! Thank you for your amazing efforts. A suggestion for you: Go to and make a banner for this blog so other bloggers can put a banner on their own blogs. I have several blogs and a banner is a great free way to get your blog advertised on other blogs. Make sure you put a link with the banner on your blog page so others can copy and paste it into theirs. I would love to help spread the word in any way I can! You can see an example of this on my blog Creativity In Writing. Best of luck to everyone!

  2. Thank you for your comments! We added a banner so that others can promote our cause. Thank you for supporting our students!!!