Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank You! Can Your $10 make a difference?

We have started to receive donations and I wanted to personally say THANK YOU to everyone! THANK YOU to all the people in Vacaville and those of you that aren't in Vacaville that see the importance of public education.

I had an interesting conversation with someone yesterday and thought it was worth mentioning here in the blog this morning. I was spreading the word about SOS yesterday and I ran into a mom that I know. I told here we were raising money for the kids in our school district. She said she couldn't really help, because she only had about $10 to give. She didn't think that was enough to help. I was so shocked to think that she didn't see that her $10 would help our kids out.

I came home and ran a few numbers and thought I would share them with you. If you don't think YOUR $10 could help check this out!

The population of Vacaville, as of 2008, is 92,919. If every person in Vacaville gave $1.00 we would have $92,919. That is almost $100,000. If those same people gave $10.00 we would have $929,190! That is almost the WHOLE amount we are trying to raise $1,000,000. AMAZING. Can your $10 help, YES!!!

The total number of students in our school district is 13,611. If each student were sponsored for $10, we would have $136, 110! That can definitely make a difference, but if those same students were sponsored for $74 we would have $1,007,214. WOW, that is above and beyond our GOAL!

It really doesn't take much to help, all we are really asking is to help with any amount that you can! $1 or $10, please understand that YOU can be helping our children.


  1. Of the 92,919 population of Vacaville, how many of those people reside at the prison? That might make a difference in the numbers.

    Just a thought.

  2. Of the 92,919 people (population) of Vacaville, how many reside in the prison?

    That would make a difference in the numbers.

    Just a thought.

  3. I'm not sure what the number of prison inmates are counted in the population number.

    Looking at the numbers though, very simply put if everyone gave "something" we could make an impact. I am sure some people would only be able to spare a dollar and then there are others that may be able to spare a little more. TOGETHER it would ALL help our students.