Friday, June 18, 2010

THANK YOU from SOS! FINAL - Budget was approved ~ $8 million in cuts

Well, this is it! Since the last weekend of May, the final weekend of our SOS Fundraising Campaign there has been a whirlwind of action.....As of now we raised about $36,380, but many of the businesses have taken the last few weeks to finish up their accounting's so that they can make their donations (we hope to know the final number soon).

I know there hasn't been any posts since the last week of May (Memorial Weekend), as I am sure that you know the last weeks of school are CRAZY and with the SOS Fundraiser ending, school ending, graduations, and....well....EVERYTHING that hits all at once....this blog had to take a brief pause.

I hope to give you the FINAL number after it comes in, along with the decision on how the money will be spent. The VUSD School Board will ultimately make that decision, but I know there was a recommendation given to the School Board to disperse the money as a per student amount back to each school. It was the most fair way that we (the SOS Committee) could think of and it was a way to make sure that the money benefited EACH student.

Last night the Vacaville Unified School District OKs $8.6M in cuts, this article explains how some of the cuts are layed out. It is terribly sad to know that we had to cut 8.6 MILLION DOLLARS out of our budget for next year!! We as parents, would like to have raised the full amount for the cuts, but WE are pleased to have been able to raise the amount that we raised....THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORTED OUR STUDENTS!!

We tried to make a difference and I believe we did.....not just by raising the money, but by raising awareness about the financial crisis that our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IS IN, and also helping our schools work as a UNITED TEAM....check out this article by the Reporter yesterday. Relationships built through this process will last well beyond the fundraiser.


Since the Fundraiser is over and there isn't any thing else to write about....I would like to take this opportunity to give a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!! It is impossible to thank everyone who contributed to supporting our students, mostly because many of the donations are anonymous or done through texting or online, BUT please know that we are VERY GRATEFUL TO EVERYONE who supported our students. Here is a list of people who worked on the campaign, either attending the meetings and planning events or working behind the scenes running things, and businesses that supported our students, and we would like to offer them a big THANK YOU as well...

Alex Hall,Angela Higdon,Baabz Scott,Barry Rico,Brigitte Aton,Chris Strong,Christa Poe,Dave McCallum,Dawn French,Deb McGuire, VPEF,Deryl Clark,Dianna Villa,Ed Santapadre,Heidi Benson,Holly Valentine,Ivy Green,Janice Smith,Jared Austin,Jeff Adcock,Julie O’Dell,Julie Kim,Kristina McKenzie,Kristina Fisher,Krysi Marchand,Lee Majors,Louise Tyrrell,Mary Feaster,Mary Ruth Quintana,Patty Gauci,Perla Rosenberg,PJ Goodson,Randi Fien,Rebecca Duvall,Robin Mitchell,Sabrina Valdivia,Sally Bernard,Shannon Nadasdy,Shannon Nielson,Sheri Mendes,Simone Martin,Susan Benavides,Terri Simpson,Vicki Dunham, Melda Roark, Cindy Williamson

AAA, Genentech, Avon – Tracy Spears,Vista Group,Emma Close to Home,Backyard BBQ,Graphic Expressions, Ryan Bates Photography,Murrillo’s,Chevy’s,Jamba Juice,Moose Lodge, Mary’s Pizza Shack,Nugget,Ace Hardware,Vacaville City Employees Association, VPEF, Girl Scout Troop #20086 (Angela Higdon),Parkside Dental,Les Schwab, Chamber of Commerce, Food Fair

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  1. It's now August, school is about to start again. Any final numbers? How much was raised via the Text campaign, was it enough to cover the start up costs?