Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let the Countdown BEGIN! 25 Days Left....


This is it! We are quickly approaching the end of our fundraising campaign, as well as deciding OUR fate!

We started this campaign, right around March 4th with "Stand Up For Students", to see if we could raise 1 million dollars (of the expected 8-12 million dollar cuts) with a deadline of May 31st! Our end is quickly approaching and NOW is the TIME to make a difference.

In just about 2 months we have done SO MUCH to help our kids, BUT we aren't finished yet! THIS IS IT, WE NEED YOUR HELP so we can say that WE HAVE DONE ALL WE CAN DO!

When I think about all that we have done, in such a short period of time, it makes me proud!

Think about what has been done in 2 short months:

We quickly joined forces and launched this S.O.S. campaign, we started to educate people of our local budget crisis, that are a result of STATE CUTS. We launched a "Donate Now" website that allowed people to donate on-line. Then we launched a TEXT Message campaign, which we are the first school district to do so in the NATION. We have spoken to local businesses that support us and have offered alternative ways to donate, through services and products that most people use in their everyday life. We have set up booths at local functions. We have marched together (teachers, students, parents, friends), to show our support of each other. We have rallied at the capitol, to say "NO" more cuts. We have held dinner nights, rummage sales and raffles.


The month of MAY is going to be exciting! We have so much to do and we are excited to get EVERYONE involved. Here is a preview of some of the things to come:

May 8th Stampin' Up! Stamp Camp
May 15th participation in the Cultural Diversity Fair at the Cultural Center
May 18th the Andrews Park Rally for SOS
May 19th Murrillos Restaurant dinner night
May 20th Moose Lodge Dinner fund raiser for SOS,
May 29th Fiesta Days Parade

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