Monday, May 17, 2010

14 DAYS Left! PLEASE help!!

This is it, the final days of our fundraising campaign! If you haven't already donated PLEASE donate today. Even if you donated last month and have the ability to donate again, PLEASE do so.

If you don't have the money to donate, you can CALL AAA and get a FREE quote and they will donate for you, just mention SOS.

If you plan on eating out this week, take a look at the local businesses that are willing to donate a portion of their proceeds to the SOS Campaign. Mary's Pizza Shack, Murrillo's, Chevy's, Backyard BBQ, and the DINNER NIGHT at the Moose Lodge. All you really have to do is print out one of the fliers and take it with you. THEY WILL DO THE REST!

Tomorrow is the RALLY and SOCIAL Media Blitz! It is going to be a fun day. The BLITZ is being done by the VUSD Students and all of our friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s all about the kids! The student leaders at Vacaville High School are asking everyone to pick an event being held this week that they would like to attend and have them invite as many of their friends as they can via their choice of social media.....texting, fb, twitter, myspace, a phone call or even an actual written note. If they want to join our Facebook vusd sos fan page they will be able to share the message with a click. It's that easy! The RALLY will be from 5:30-7pm at Andrews Park and we hope to have a ton of people there!!! WEAR YOUR SOS SHIRT AND JOIN US! BRING THE KIDS!

TO PRINT YOUR FLIERS GO HERE The fliers are in the middle of the page!

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